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Hello and Welcome to the Meteorological Research and Education Organization, or MEREO. MEREO has been in operation for over three years now, and is grown significantly. We are happy to state we are teaching in person classes in six cities in Colorado, and plan on expanding to more cities in this next year. 

We have many pages on this website for you to enjoy, but there are a few important ones you may want to visit. The first is of course our In Person Classes Page. This page will allow you to see what States and their Cities we are teaching in. Our next important page of Information is our Links Page. We at MEREO have partnered with many organizations, and have found many products that we choose for our operations. Our last Important page is our Donations Page. MEREO has many projects that we are trying to keep funded, including Educations, The Communications Trailer, and our Research Teams

Field Day 2016 Information

MEREO and V7ARC have partnered again for this family fun annual event. To learn more about this event, or to sign up to help with this event, please click here.

MEREO Newsletter~ The Twister

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Weather Call Emergency Calls

MEREO has partnered with Weather Call based out of Denver, CO to help provide a Weather Warning System. Weather call is a $9.99 a year service that will call three phones during a weather event in your area. In the partnership, for every sign up received, Weather Call is donating $5.00 to MEREO's Education Program. To sign up Click Here. We encourage you to sign up to better prepare you and your family for the next big storm.